Michiko's Poetry 

All poetry data is copyrighted work.

C1. The gentle rain pours down all over

       town, the small flower blooms and


C2.  Looking to the sky, the stars twinkle

       and sing

C3. The light-colored flowers sway in

       the spiral of sunlight

C4. The feelings of joy full and pile up

      like the brilliance of the transparent


C5. The emotions build up and I yearn

       for the sky



L1.  Your gentle face before me

L2.  Our souls sing together in a harmony
       as I melt into your heart

L3.  I hope to live each changing moment

       in your eyes

L4. Our Dreams, Our Hope, Our Future …   What sort of image do we hope to see?

L5. Tomorrow,You will smile at me in

      bright new world

Copy Prohibited

B1.  The scene reflected in your eyes

B2.  The glittering world flows through
        the window

B3. Memories piled up in my heart
      Carried by the wind to the joy of


B4. A child like feeling, melted in the

      sweetness of milk

B5. The birds carry your dreams into

      the daybreak

Birth day


(For Xmas/ New Year/ Holiday)

G1. Memories piled up in my heart

       carried by the wind to the joys of  


(For New Year)
G2. Holiday lights Illuminate our

       path onto the new year

(For Xmas/ New Year)
G3. The Snow is falling heavily
       Sending a letter from above
       And painting the city in white

(For Xmas/ New Year/ Holiday)
G4. The feeling of joy falls and pile up
       Like the brilliance of the  

       transparent crystals

(For Xmas/ New Year)
G5. Surrounded by kindness, even

       the chill of Winter feels warm
       The holidays have arrived